Installation locations at GSI

New software

The software for the the new squeeze64 desktop machines as well as the batch nodes
in the prometheus/hera cluster is hosted and distributed via cvmfs. cvmfs distributes
the files to local caches in in each node. When using cvmfs for the first time it can take
a while until the files are copied. Once copied, the software should load faster than from
our old fileservers. From the shell


shows the installations available at GSI.
The install path keeps the root versions used and in the corresponding versions path
the depending hydra, hgeant and pluto installations. The corresponding environment
scripts ( can be found in the application directory. The software is compiled
native 64bit. 32bit compatibility mode is not supported anylonger on the GridEngine



/cvmfs/    // parameter files

/cvmfs/   // source code of hydra2+hgeant2 for browsing




Old software

The old software versions (up to september 2012) are located at


This software has still to be used when running
jobs on the old lsf batchfarm. The software will not be maintained any longer.
All hydra versions are compiled in 32bit and run in comaptibilty mode
on the 64bit batch nodes.

Until end of 2012 old software can be used (recompiled) on the
cluster. This machines keep the same software as out old desktop operating
system and should allow users to be compatible with our old software installations
and the old lxf batch farm.

Update:  Since  the old lsf batch farm and etch32 faded away end of 2012 and last
ported version of hydra1 and hgeant1 has been installed on the  /cvmfs/
and can be used to work on squeeze64 and the new batch farm. The versions are
build on ROOT 5.34.01.