Mailing lists

The HADES mail distribution system is run by the listserv server (L-soft) at GSI. It is configured such that it is mostly self-maintaining. Below are summarized the basic things you need to know about our HADES mail services.


          Note: Your permissions to access the mailing lists
        are controlled via the mail-adress you subscribed with!

You can use two ways to subscribe:

Send an email to : .
The e-mail body (subject will be ignored) should contain one line (per list) as follows:

subscribe listname Firstname Lastname   e.g.: subscribe Hades-ALL Joachim Stroth

Your are then registered to the mailing list with the mail adress you sent this e-mail from

  use (if available) the join/leave link in the list below


Available Lists

HADES collaboration (JS) join/leave archive
Collaboration board (JS) join/leave archive
Data AQuisition (BK) join/leave archive
GSI group (JS) join/leave archive
Multiwire drift chambers (JS) join/leave archive
Resistive Plate Counters (AB) join/leave archive
Software Board (RH) join/leave archive
Slow Control (BK) join/leave archive
Simulation and Analysis
join/leave archive
Technical board (JS) join/leave archive
Time of Flight Wall (JS) join/leave archive
Trigger (WKü) join/leave archive
Executive board (JS) join/leave archive
Young Members (YP, SL) join/leave archive
 Analysis Groups
Alignment Software
(WKü, AS)
join/leave archive
Lepton Analysis
join/leave archive
Monitoring Software
join/leave archive
PID Analysis
join/leave archive
Runtime Database
join/leave archive
Tracking Software
join/leave archive
AB A. Blanco
AS A.Schmah
BK B.Kolb
CM C.Müntz
CS C.Sturm
FD F.Dohrmann
IK I.Koenig
JM J.Markert
JS J.Stroth
JW J.Wüstenfeld
RH R.Holzmann
PT P.Tlusty
SL S.Lang
WK W.Koenig
WKü W.Kühn
YP Y.Pachmayer


Mail Archives & Search

You can look up the mail archive of several of the above lists here



When your name is on a Hades list, you can make many different automatic-response inquiries about the list.
Send the email to : . The email body should contain one of the following commands:

Info <topic|listname> Order documentation
Lists <Detail|Short|Global> Get a description of all lists
SUBscribe listname <full name> Subscribe to a list
SIGNOFF listname Sign off from a list
SIGNOFF * (NETWIDE - from all lists on all servers
REView listname <options> Review a list
Query listname Query your subscription options
SET listname <options> Update your subscription options
INDex <filelist_name> Order a list of LISTSERV files
GET filename filetype Order a file from LISTSERV
REGister full_name|OFF Tell LISTSERV about your name


More detailed information is found in the LISTSERV User Guide.