Moving data between /hera and /nyx

As announced the prometheus cluster ( will be shut down end
of June 2016 (maybe a bit later) and later at the end of September 2016
/hera will be shut down.
To continue our work on the new cluster kronos with the files system nyx we
have to copy our data. The data of hades users are located at
/lustre/nyx/hades/user.  Each user should create 1 (and only 1) dir named as
the username. The directories have to readable for the hades group. To copy
from /hera to /nyx you can login to ...
/lustre/nyx and /lustre/hera will be mounted. There is no home dir or advanced
software installed, they are for fast copy exclusive. They cannot be directly
accessed from lxi machines which are reachable form outside GSI.
Below a short help on how to copy files between /lustre/nyx and /lustre/hera
using rsync. Do not use cp or mv. If you use rsync you can simply restart
broken processes without harm. Please do not start too many processes on
one machine (be kind to other users)

1. Methode (one process)

  rsync -vHa --progress /lustre/hera/hades/user/myUserName /lustre/nyx/hades/user

    All subdirs will be copied.

2. Methode (8 processes parallel)

  mkdir /lustre/nyx/hades/user/myUserName
  lfs find /lustre/hera/hades/user/myUserName -print0 | parallel -0 -j8 rsync -vlptgoDAXdRqW {} /lustre/nyx/hades/user/myUserName

   the files will finally located in in
   and you have to :

 mv /lustre/nyx/hades/user/myUserName/lustre/hera/hades/user/myUserName /lustre/nyx/hades/user/
 rm -r /lustre/nyx/hades/user/myUserName/lustre

Since methode 2 will continue on errors you should use methode 1 after
finishing to check for missing files. This will work fast, since only
missing files are copied.