Tape archives

Golden Rules:


Hld file can be retrieve from any pro.hpc.gsi.de machine by calling:


/cvmfs/it.gsi.de/gstore/gstore64 que "be*" hadesapr12raw prod01 ==> 
/cvmfs/it.gsi.de/gstore/gstore64 show hades                     ==> show all archives for hades
/cvmfs/it.gsi.de/gstore/gstore64 que "*" myarchive "*" -r       ==> show all files of archive


  1. Do not store massive number of small files, tar them before archiving, the size of a file copied to tape should be: 10 MB < file_size < 2 GB
  2. Use “hadesuser” archive for your private data.
  3. All HADES members are allowed to write to "hadesuser" archive except hades-qa and hades-xb (and any other name which contains "-").
  4. Do not write to “hadesuser” archive from hades group accounts like: shower, tof, mdc, hadesdaq …
  5. DO NOT write to “hades” archive any more.
  6. If you want to remove stuff from "hadesuser" Jochen Markert


  • Total size of all HADES archives = 175 TB (taking into account double storage of raw data)
  • Amount of bought tape space = 174 TB. Available space = 0 TB.
  • Current price per TB = 125 euro (28.01.2008).
  • Current price of Tape Drive = 15000 euro.
  • Current price of Data Mover = 6000 euro.

To see a list of all available archives use :     gestore show

GSI web page: gStore Archive: Media-Statistics


Existing Hades Archives


A summary of the hades archives and their size you find here:

all archives summary

For more detail of the content of a archive follow the link below (all files *_dirs.txt lists the subdirs).
The dir lists contains full file lists of the archives.

webdir archives





long list: