SVN Repositories

The Hades Subversion (svn , repositories are located at the GSI web-server. Some information about subversion at GSI can be found at The access authentification uses the ORACLE data base of GSI. Read permission is granted anonymously. For commiting code you have to have an account at . This is the same account as used for the documentation of working time or the radiation savety. You do not need to have GSI linux or windows account to get an user account. The user name has to added to the subversion access management. Mail your user name and which directries you want to work with to


Currently available repositories:



Web-front ends of the available repositories:

The GSI IT provides redmine , a web-frontend for the subversion repositories, running on the apache webserver. This web-frontend replaces our old CVS frontend. 

hades svn redmine


Basic use of Subversion:

For the documentaion of subversion see

# checkout a repository

# get full repository from trunk (main branch) into a folder hydraTrans
svn co hydraTrans

# get a directory from the repository trunk (main branch) into a folder hydraTrans
svn co hydraTrans/mdc
# view all commands
svn help

# view help on commands
svn help status
# most usefull commands
# to work on the local working copy

[file] means filename is optional. In this case the commands
apply to all files in the current directory

svn stat    [file]                                        // show local changes (stat=status)
    stat -u [file]                                        // show local changes and changes on the server (-u == in update mode)
svn diff [file]                                           // show modification of a file against a revision
svn add file                                              // schedule a new file for adding. Needs commit afterwards to send it to the repository
svn update [file]                                         // update file to newest revision
svn commit -m "your comment" [file]                       // send file [or all modified files] to repository (requires access permissions). takes the user name from checkout log
svn --username yourname commit -m "your comment" [file]   // send file [or all modified files] as agiven svn user to repository (requires access permissions).
                                                          // helpful to commit from a checkout dir of another user

tkdiff file                                               // show graphical diff of file to svn base revision
tkdiff file -r head                                       // show graphical diff of file to newest svn head revision